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At Dharma Health LLC, we are dedicated to producing dietary supplements of the highest quality while also providing clients with the best customer service. To help fulfill this mission, we only work with manufacturers and suppliers who demonstrate their ability to respond promptly to dietary supplement production needs and who also have credible GMP/ISO certification. Therefore, our clients can obtain quotes and specifications quickly from us so that their projects can be profitably planned and realized.

Also, we are proud to be the only vendor capable of producing a wide variety of different nutraceuticals as well as capable of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing. This is why Dharma Health LLC is the dietary supplement manufacturer for you. We offer:

● Fast Turnaround

● Robust Inventory Management and export services

● Outstanding customer service

● Quality ingredients and packaging materials

● Competitive prices


Dharma Health is passionate about our clients’ success. To insure this success, our products are specifically formulated from the highest quality materials available and manufactured in GMP facilities. These facilities feature high tech equipment that enable production of large quantities of uniform capsules, chewables, sublinguals, tablets, granule powders, liquids and gummies.

In addition to basic production, Dharma Health provides vitamin custom flavoring and coloring as well as product labeling, packaging and distribution. We also conduct comprehensive tests on our products to insure safety, efficiency and strict label authenticity.

Here are some of our regular products forms:


Chewable, Colored Coated Tablets, Sugar Coating, HPMC Coating, Imprinted Tablets, Sublingual tablets, Enteric Coating Tablets, Carved Seal Tablets


Protein Powders, Multi Vitamin & Mineral Blends, Green Food Powders, Collagen, Glucosamine, Meal Replacement, Extruded granule, herbal powders and probiotics


Hard Capsules: Clear capsules, Imprinted Capsules, Colored Capsules Soft Capsules: Fish oil, blueberry and bilberry, vitamin E (vegetarian available)

Drink and Liquid

Available in glass bottles and cans


Dharma Health LLC manufacturers private label dietary supplements to support a variety of needs in the health and wellness industry. Dharma Health has a wide network of raw material manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Our food scientists can develop formulas to meet customer’s needs or we can manufacturer based on customer’s already developed formulations. We use GMP manufacturing and follow the rigorous guidelines set by the FDA and Natural Product Association. In addition, we thoroughly test all materials and finished products. These practices and standards ensure that the products we manufacturer for our clients are of the highest quality.

Some of our most popular types of products

Herbal remedy
General strenghtening tonic using Chinese herbal medicine
Cordyceps and reishi
Joint health
Weight loss formula supplement
Vitamin & Minerals
Skincare supplement
Sports supplement
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